Can AI improve the Medical, Legal and Regulatory (MLR) Process?

Future of the MLR Review Process

MLR (Medical, Legal and Regulatory) review and approval process in Pharma is one of the most critical steps impacting the speed to market of the promotional content. However, having cumbersome MLR review and approval policies, SOPs, processes, and tools may create considerable delays in publishing the content to the customers. Sometimes, MLR reviews and approvals take more time than creating promotional material itself. Today, the average time to complete the MLR is around 20 days in Pharma.

Although there are ways to improve the whole MLR process that I touched on in my book “Omnichannel Customer Engagement in Pharma“, the emerging AI technology can also be a solution to improve the MLR process by providing an initial review of the promotional materials prior to the human reviews. Integrating such capabilities into the end-to-end content lifecycle will provide significant efficiency to the MLR process.

Looking forward to seeing how Pharma digital marketing is going to transform in a couple of years with more use of emerging technologies.

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