HCP Engagement in Pharma: Channel Trends

HCP Channel Preferences

Omnichannel Customer Engagement in Pharma depends on an end-to-end framework to provide the right content to the right customers through the right channels at the right time. And measuring & improving business and customer impact on a continuous basis.

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In such a framework, the delivery of the content and services is as important as the content (or services) itself. You may hear the anonymous quote, “Content is King, but delivery is Queen.”

Delivery of the Pharma-produced content and services to HCPs should align with the preferences of the customers, not just Pharma’s needs. Here are a few basics to be taken into account while delivering Pharma-produced content and services to HCPs:

1 – HCPs prioritize independent channels to consume medical information, such as journals, scientific meetings… etc. Pharma companies should also prioritize investing in such independent channels (like external websites) in addition to creating internal HCP portals, webinars, social media ads… etc., having full of branded product information.

2 – HCPs actively use search engines to find out scientific information. Pharma digital channels should also be visible in search engine queries, and Pharma companies should invest enough in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for better visibility of their digital content and services.

3 – Personalization has become a standard offering in many daily services, so the same is valid while delivering content and services to HCPs by Pharma.

4 – The role of the Sales Reps should evolve to orchestrating the digital channels and information for the best use of HCPs in an improved way. They should be acting as a bridge between HCPs and scientific information provided by Pharma where applicable.

This list can grow with more items, but at least prioritizing these a few items will bring a huge benefit in delivering the right content and services to the HCPs through their preferred channels, which will increase Customer Engagement, and will lead to improved customer experience & satisfaction.

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